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How do I run Windows 8.1 as an administrator?

How do I fix run as administrator Windows 8?

The first way is to select the file by right-clicking on any image on your desktop and selecting the “Open from location” option.
Right-click the .exe application icon in the folder to access properties.
Select the “Advanced” option.
From there, someone can check the “Run as administrator” box.

How do I run Windows 8.1 as an administrator?

Access the Windows 8.1 interface by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
Type cmd on your keyboard to bring up Windows 8.1 search. Press on
directly in the command line application.
Click the Run Once Administrator button at the bottom of the associated screen.

How do I fix run as administrator not working?

Enable User Account Control.
Clear the entries in the context menu.
Run an SFC and DISM scan.
Change group membership.
Scan your system with an antivirus.
Fix issues from a clean boot state.
Create a new administrator account.

How do I fix built-in administrator error?

Method one: The user changes the account control settings.
Method 1 . 5: Enable Admin Approval Mode for these built-in admin accounts.3:
Method Use the System File Checker.

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How to fix ‘run as administrator not working’ error in Windows 10?

Thus, users should check if the problem with running as administrator appears in the Safe feature or not. If safe mode does not appear, then you need to check the boot options. Step 1: First, press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. In the RUN dialog box, type “msconfig” and press Enter.

How do I run Windows 8 as an administrator?

Access the Windows 8.1 interface by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard that displays it. 2. Type cmd on the PC, then Windows 8.1 search will open. 3. Right-click the command line application. 4. Click the “Run as administrator” button at the bottom of the screen. 5.Click Yes if the Windows 8.1 User Account Control prompt also appears. 6.

How to enable/disable administrator account in Windows 8/81?

Step 2 Ways to enable and disable the administrator account in Windows 8/8.1: 1. Right-click on the lower left corner of the computer desktop to open the shortcut menu, and select Command Prompt (Administrator) from it. 2. In the User Account Control dialog box, select Yes to continue.

Is it bad to run a program as an administrator?

You should only assign a shortcut or a program you trust to “also run as administrator” because it will have full access to everything on your computer until it is turned off. This can be very bad if the program is adware. This option Note: will only run the program as a director until it is closed. one.

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