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How do I fix Valorant TPM error?

Why can’t I run valorant on Windows 11?

If a person’s device is unable to run Valorant, it may be because it is definitely not compatible with the specifications of the Windows 11 system. We have compiled a list of the most common reasons below. This may interfere with the Valorant launcher or you are using a specific device that is not authorized to enter the competition.

How to fix valorant connection error on Windows 10?

Another answer you can try, just like the Valorant connection error, is to make sure you restore your router. Routers may become unresponsive if they are running for a long time.

What is valorant windows 11 error Van 9001?

Also, you may encounter another common Valorant Windows 13 error – VAN 9001. This is really what we will be focusing on here. This is because Valorant is starting to apply both TPM and Windows 11 Secure In Boot to provide a solid golf platform for this game. Valorant won’t do the job on a Windows 11 PC without a TPM.

How to fix valorant error 1067 on Windows 11?

However, the transition to this new system is problematic for Valorant users. If you also install this game and thereby play this game, then during normal gardening, the VAN programming error 1067, that is, a connection error, will organically appear. You need to restart the client with reconnect. In fact, a simple reboot cannot fix Windows Valorant 11 error 1067.

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How do I fix Valorant error code 1067 on Windows 11?

When you look at your desktop, you need to press the Windows and R keys and type “Services”. msc in most available text fields. From there, look for a service called “vgc” and select “Start” from the right-click option. This should fix Van valorant calculation error code 1067 and all Windows 11 startup issues.

Does Windows 11 affect Valorant?

Valorant uses TPM 2.0 Secure and Boot for its Vanguard anti-cheat system. So the game doesn’t really work when the safety shoes are off. This also means that if you’re running Windows 9 on your PC, bypassing Secure Boot and TPM 2.0, you won’t be able to play Valorant on your device.

Why is Valorant not working on Windows 10?

Another reason why Valorant may have problems connecting to a PC is an outdated graphics card driver. Before moving on to complex steps, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with possible updates for your car drivers. If you find yourself familiar, be sure to download them.

How do I fix Valorant TPM error?

Start by opening the BIOS.
In the BIOS, make sure it’s in Advanced Alert mode and then make sure TPM is enabled.
After enabling TPM, look for Boot Secure.
Once you find it, equip Secure Boot.
After enabling secure boot, set it as default so that the game can run on your PC.