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How to fix a BitLocker fatal error during startup?

How to fix the TPM issue with BitLocker?

TPM men and women will be completely confused from time to time and will not be able to unlock the drive’s bitlocker. To fix this, you need to disable Bitlocker and force Windows to reinstall the TPM drivers. You can then enable Bitlocker again.

Why is BitLocker missing from control panel?

Download and get BitLocker hasleo Anywhere.
Launch Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere, right-click the drive letter you want to encrypt, then click Turn BitLocker On.
At this step, be sure to provide a password to encrypt the drive, remembering that you click “Next”. High
Return to the BitLocker data recovery key, then click Next to make your decision.

Can’t find BitLocker on Windows 10?

Type “services.msc In” into the search field on any taskbar and click the current services.msc setting.
In the Services pop-up window, set the BitLocker option to Drive over Encryption Service in the right pane.
Using the Start button, tap Tools under the Location section of the BitLocker Drive Encryption Service Properties window.

How to fix a BitLocker fatal error during startup?

Use Disk Cleanup to get started. Type disk cleanup and then press enter.
Select the first two options, then click the Clean System button in In-Flight Files.
Wait for Disk Cleanup to actually scan your disks.
After reading, check the boxes next to the files and click OK to delete them.
Select Delete Files to continue.

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How do I bypass BitLocker on a hard drive?

There is definitely a way to bypass the 12-level BitLocker key if you want to unlock a BitLocker-encrypted drive without a master password. However, you can reformat the entire drive to remove the encryption, which doesn’t require a password or magic formula to recover.

Can I skip BitLocker recovery?

When starting the recovery projection screen, do not enter the recovery key. Instead, ignore this drive. On the next selection screen, perform troubleshooting. On the General Troubleshooting screen, select Advanced Options.

How do I bypass BitLocker on startup?

How to bypass BitLocker at startup? Step 1: Once Windows boots up, go to “Start” -> “BitLocker Control Panel” -> “Drive Encryption”. Step 2: Click “Enable without auto unlock” next to your current C drive. 3: Step After disabling the auto unlock option, restart your entire computer.

How do I get rid of BitLocker error?

Special tool for BSoD. BSoD errors are hard to fix, so you can diagnose them.
Disconnect USB devices. That
Use the disk cleanup tool.
Restore the registry for a specific computer.
Use a dedicated PC cleaning tool.
Bios reset methods.
Update your Windows operating system.
Disable this Bitlocker.