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What does this device does not exist mean Windows 10?

How do you fix a port error?

Make sure you have the required drivers.
Make sure the port is not open/disconnect the cable.
Stop Windows fax and scan support. That
Disable the serial port in device manager.
Try another cable.
Reboot your device.
Reinstall the driver port below.
Make sure the system is up and running if you’re up to date.

How do you reset ports on Windows 10?

Click Start -> Run -> type regedit and click OK. A registration request will open. In the right cell, you will see the ComDB boss, right click on this button and click edit. On the Data Value page, select and reset Clear All if you want to set 0 to zero.

Why is there no port in my Device Manager?

Setting up the timing system
If the COM port often still doesn’t show up in the drop-down list, check the Device Manager in the Control Panel and make sure the USB adapter is indexed and working properly. Next to it, in brackets, the Internet port number should be indicated if it works correctly.

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How do I force a port in Windows 10?

Open device window manager > right in main device > properties.
Under Port Loss > Advanced.
Change the COM entry number.

Why is my COM port not working on Windows 10?

Issue: Missing 10 Windows COM Ports Finding virtual COM ports in ten windows can be a hassle for buyers. You go into Device Manager expecting to see the virtual COM port drivers previously loaded on your computer, only to find that they are not actually there.

How to fix USB ports not working on Windows 10?

Do the following: Open the Windows Device Manager. Click Expand to Ports (COM and LPT). Right-click the desired USB device. Select Properties. This will move the port settings. Click Advanced. Select the appropriate COM Port ID from each COM Port Number drop-down menu.

What does this device does not exist mean Windows 10?

This device cannot start. (Code 10) An optional device. This should be an error indicating that, for some reason, Windows is unable to interact with one of your programs in the most efficient and effective way. This communication problem is usually caused by outdated, missing, corrupted programs or devices.

How to fix ‘an error occurred during port configuration’?

In the printer properties window, select the Ports tab from the menu at the top. Then select your printer from the list of ports and click “Configure Port”. See if the user can see the following menu without finding the port where the error occurred.