What is error opening recording device Audacity 9999?

Check Your External Sound Device Make sure your computer recognizes the sound device you plugged in, like your headphones or speakers.
Check Your Audio Drivers You can get this error in Audacity if your driver is not up to date.
The Problem Can Be Within Audacity

What is error opening recording device Audacity 9999?

-9999 Unexpected host error: means that “something is wrong” with this operation. Recent Windows/Mac update requiring a male or female to authorize Audacity in order to make the microphone available.

How do you fix an error when opening an audio device in Audacity?

Solution 1 – Unmute your device
Solution – 2 Set the device as default.
Fix 1 Enable – Mic and Ensemble keep this default.
Solution 2: Set up a specific audio recording format.
Fix 1 Set – Host settings on Windows WASAPI.
Solution 2 – Enable devices in Device Manager

How do I change the recording device in Audacity?

Click the “Record Channels” drop-down menu and choose whether recording in stereo or mono will help.
Determine how the “Playback Device” and “Recorder Device” drop-down menus refer to the computer’s built-in reverb device or the specific audio device that the cable is connected to.

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What does Mme stand for in Audacity?

MME (Microsoft Multimedia Environment) is a native Windows sound driver. In fact, it was the first audio file driver released when Windows 3.1 was released. Most built-in sound prompts start the MME driver process. Most PC audio programs support MME.

How do I change the default recording device in Windows 10?

When your preferred device is highlighted, click Set Default. In the appropriate window, click Save Navigation Bars. Here you will find a directory of recording devices implemented by your computer. When you speak into the microphone, you will see bars colored green to highlight the less loud bars.

Why can’t I change the recording device on my computer?

This problem usually occurs when there is no recording device. For example, if you click Change and Settings under Devices, the options may not be available in the Recording Device drop-down directory.

How to fix audio device not recognized on Windows 10?

Then check if your computer understands your device by looking at the main system tray. If you see a red X on your Audio Go device, disconnect and/or reconnect the device. If the error persists, open the created playback devices by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray. Make sure your speakers/headphones are turned on.

How do I enable recording on a disabled device?

Once inside, right-click on any disabled technology and choose Enable from the context menu. Then just click on the Recording tab and find your disabled devices in the new list below.

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