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How do I fix error code 1920?

Solution 1: Looking in ‘DE/shares’ in Original disk. If you are trying to read/access old shares folder from an old disk but after a new installation in Windows server, you
Solution 2: Checking Data deduplication.
Solution 3: Checking for spanned volumes.
Solution 4: Resyncing OneDrive.
Solution 5: Reinstalling Windows/ Windows Server.

How to fix error code a 1920 on Windows 10?

Error 1920 is caused by Windows antivirus software or software blocking access to one of the ports used during installation for post-installation. LogMeIn is shutting down services on your desktop computer. To do this, open Task Manager and close all instances of the following:

What does service 1920 error 1920 mean?

Error 1920: The service () could not be started directly. Make sure you have sufficient rights to run system services. This error can occur for many reasons and requires checking the service logs to find the cause.

What is error 1920 in QuickBooks?

Error 1920: The service serviced by the QuickBooks Manager database could not be started. Older versions of software on a computer (XP). There is no solution on the community page and support calls are not accepted.

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How to fix LogMeIn error a 1920?

Error 1920 is most likely caused by antivirus software, Windows Firewall is blocking access to one of the default installation ports commonly used during builds. Stop LogMeIn services while the computer is running. To do this, open some tasks and end all situations of the following manager: LMIGuardian.exe

How do I fix error code 1920?

Step 1: Microsoft removes Office from the Control Panel.
Step 2: Remove the Windows Installer package.
Step 3 – Delete the Office files.
Step 4. Delete subsections of the office PC.
Step Temporarily disable Windows Defender Firewall.

How to fix error 1920 Microsoft Office 2010 in Windows 10?

Open the Run method (press Windows key + > r) of services.msc and click OK.
In the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Services window, right-click Office Software Protection Platform and select Properties.

How do you verify sufficient privileges to start system services?

Run gpedit.
Go to Computer > Windows Configuration Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.
In the detail view, double-click Connect as a Service.
Click Add User or Group… and add the account to the list of accounts with the Log as a Service right.

How to fix error 1920 Microsoft Office 2013?

Press the Windows key + R.
Enter services. msc then returned from newspaper and television.
Scroll alphabetically and look for services named Windows Font Cache Service.
Double click and this will set the initial range to automatic.
Click Apply.