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How do I fix the “save a theme” error?

Just like what the save a theme error popup shows, perhaps it is the theme file missing that causes Windows 10 not finding one of the files in this theme. You need to fix this theme error as soon as possible. The most straightforward way is to change to another theme and save it again.

How to save saved themes as deskthemepack in Windows 10?

This option is permanently available with the launch of Windows 10 version 15002. 1 Open the settings related to the icon click/tap customization. 2 Select the saved theme (such as My Theme) you want to save to view the .deskthemepack file, right-click or click the theme, and click/tap Theme to save the share. (see screenshot below)

How to fix Windows 10 theme error on Windows 10?

As you know, in desktop theme, you can customize image, slideshow and slide color. It is clear that ten Windows themes cannot be saved or one theme file is missing when you think about slideshow or slide color. So be sure to change your background theme to display an image to fix the Windows 10 error that can’t contain files in my theme.

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Why can’t I save the changes theme in Windows 10?

Therefore, you were unable to change the theme and reapply it to 10 windows. In the same way that a save theme popup might appear, a missing style file prevents Windows 10 from finding clips for that theme. You need to resolve this issue as a bug as soon as possible.

How do I fix the “save a theme” error?

A workaround for the “Save Theme” error is available. 1 Click Start → Settings → Accounts → Sync Settings. 2 Turn on the toggle switch for the Advanced theme.

How do you fix this theme can’t be applied to the desktop?

Open Windows Settings by simultaneously pressing the Win + I keys. Then go to Accounts > Sync Settings. Reduce the theme sync setting by toggling the appropriate custom button under Sync Settings. After that, try running or applying the same theme.

How do I save a Windows 10 theme image?

Once in the Themes section, click on a specific theme to activate it.
Right click next to Custom Theme.
Select save theme to share.
Select the location where you want to save the theme.
Enter a name for the data file. Save to computer
Click to create the best. Desktop file.

Why is my Windows 10 theme not working?

Click the Sync Settings tab and under Custom Sync Settings, look for the Subject message. Drag the slider by clicking or dragging it to exclude sync and click the “Apply” button just below.

How do I save a theme in Windows 10?

Open my Start Menu and select Settings.
In Themes, click the Personalization panel, then click Theme Settings.
Right-click on an unsaved theme and select Save Theme.
Give your style and theme a name in the window dialog and click OK.

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