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How to fix Windows 10 mail and calendar app crashing?

Re-Establish Calendar Sync. If you are having issues finding events from a third-party calendar account in the
Confirm Synchronization Capabilities. If you often find that events that you sync from another calendar not showing
Update Calendar App. Is your Microsoft Calendar app up-to-date? If it

How do I fix my calendar on Windows 10?

Open settings.
Click on Applications.
Click Apps & Features.
Under Specific apps and features, be sure to select the Mail & Calendar app.
Click on more options. Source: Windows headquarters.
Usually, in the “Reset” section, click the “Reset” button.

Why is my calendar not opening in Windows 10?

Open Windows Store with one click and your account profile picture. Open the Updates and Downloads option, and then click the Check for Updates button. If new app updates are found, be sure to install them if you plan to use the Mail and Calendar apps. Finally, reboot your system.

Why is my Mail and calendar not working Windows 10?

Check your privacy settings
Open Start and select Settings > Privacy > Email. Make sure Allow access to the app in addition to sending email is set to On. Select Calendar. Make sure Let apps access my calendar is set to On.

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How do I fix calendar problems in Outlook?

Open Outlook Safe Mode. In order to completely fix the unresponsive Microsoft Outlook Calendar through Windows OS, the user will probably try to open Outlook in safe mode.
Microsoft app for checking the calendar.
Reset folders and files to fix the calendar.

How to fix Microsoft calendar not working on Windows 10?

Here is the best way to fix calendar with this troubleshooter: 1. Go to settings like app. 2 Go to Security & Update > Troubleshooting. 3 Select Windows Store and Apps and navigate to Run the troubleshooter. 4 Wait for the process to complete and follow other instructions on the system screen. 5 Restart your computer.

How to fix Windows 10 mail and calendar app crashing?

Fixed: Windows 10 Mail crash in addition to this calendar app. If it’s your PC or laptop, try using Reimage Plus, which can scan databases and replace corrupted missing files and archives. This works in most cases where the problem is actually causing damage.

How to reset calendar in Windows 10?

Here’s how you can reset the calendar through Windows 10. 6. Reinstall the calendar app. Go to search, format powershell and open powershell as administrator. Wait for the process and surface texture to restart the computer.

What do I do if my Windows 10 calendar events disappear?

What if 10 calendar events disappear? 1. Check for Windows updates. Click the “Search Cortana” box -> type updates -> select the first release first. Click “Check Versions” -> wait for the process to complete.

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