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How to fix Windows 10 blue screen error code 0xc0000221?

How do I fix Bad_pool_caller?

Just turn off the computer by long pressing the power button, then wait and turn it back on.
Typically, on the next screen, select Troubleshoot, then select Advanced Options > Startup Options.
Select our reload button.
If your computer restarts at this point, you can choose how you want it to start.

What does Bad_pool_caller mean?

BAD_POOL_CALLER, also known as BSOD code STOP 0x000000C2 0xC2) (or now means that the current CPU is cautiously making a bad pool call. What does this mean? cannot be found because another program is using it.

Is bad pool caller a hardware problem?

Blue Screen of Death errors like BAD POOL CALLER are mostly caused by incompatibility of hardware software applications. According to experts, if some hardware or software is just not fully compatible with Windows 10, it can cause all sorts of problems, including BSoD errors.

What causes bad pool caller Windows 10?

There are many possible causes of the Bad the Pool Caller error such as: system crash, corrupted pool header, driver issues, RAM corruption, malicious virus/virus, file corruption, invalid registry entries, and more.

How to fix Windows 10 blue screen error code 0xc0000221?

RAM is often cited as the culprit behind Windows 10 error code 0xc0000221. Hence, it is necessary to check your RAM for failures when you encounter a blue screen error. You can do this with the built-in Windows utility ~ Windows Memory Diagnostic.

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What does Blue Screen error code 0xc000000e mean?

If you see a blue screen error on your website: A required device is not connected or is no longer available. Error code: 0xc000000e A required device is not connected or I cannot access it. Error code: 0xc000000e An application or operating system sometimes failed to load because a required file is usually missing or contains errors.

What is 0x000000c2 error in Windows 10?

BAD POOL CALLER is a blue screen of death (BSOD) error that often appears with a stop code of 0x000000C2. (Study Figure 1) Some errors may appear on your Windows 10 system for certain reasons. This error can cause your Windows system to crash or get stuck in a boot loop, which can eventually lead to the loss of documents.

What is bluescreen bad pool call 0x00000c2?

This error mostly occurs when the system requests unavailable resources. There are many symptoms of the Bad Pool 0x00000c2 blue screen, including slow computer performance, stuttering, computer shutting down repeatedly without warning, and more.