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Does SOLIDWORKS work on Windows 10?

Does SOLIDWORKS work on Windows 10?

SOLIDWORKS supports all versions of Windows, the ten applicable versions of SOLIDWORKS to the extent that they are still covered, as well as the SOLIDWORKS Product Support Lifecycle and the Microsoft Windows Lifecycle Specification. SOLIDWORKS recommends using the Windows Server operating system for all SOLIDWORKS server products.

Does SOLIDWORKS work on Windows 11 Reddit?

Windows 11 may be an unsupported operating system for systems using SOLIDWORKS for all previous versions that support SOLIDWORKS 2022. SOLIDWORKS 2022 is also the first version that this software developer will support for bug fixes. This may cause delays.

Is there a Windows 11 coming out?

Today we are happy to announce that Windows 11 is expected to be available from Octo. On that day, you will be able to purchase a free upgrade to Windows 11 on qualifying Windows 10 PCs and PCs preloaded with Windows 11.

Which version of SOLIDWORKS is compatible with Windows 10?

SOLIDWORKS Support Planning
SOLIDWORKS will be paused on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise when those versions are released, which will happen in the coming weeks. Like all versions of SOLIDWORKS, Windows Home Edition is definitely not supported.

Can I view SolidWorks files without SolidWorks?

Anyone with access to a PC (sometimes a Mac) can analyze AutoCAD®, DWG, and DXF files, as well as their own SolidWorks parts, devices, and drawings. … Download Viewer eDrawings is easy and simple.

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Can you open a SolidWorks file without SolidWorks?

SolidWorks also offers a free eDrawings Viewer solution. With the eDrawings Viewer, they can open files in eDrawings, extract shapes, and collaborate with other users using markup.

How do I open a SolidWorks file without SolidWorks?

SolidWorks offers a simple, free eDrawings Viewer solution designed just for you. The eDrawings Viewer allows you to re-open eDrawings files, retrieve dimensions, and collaborate with others using markup.