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How do I get WAMP to work on Windows 10?

How do I get WAMP to work on Windows 10?

Go to WampServer official website and download Wamp hosting 32bit 64bit or.
Run the downloaded Wamp server.exe installer.
Choose a save location if you want to set something other than my default location.
Follow the instructions and install the product.

Why my WampServer is not working?

Right-click the My Computer icon -> Properties. Go to device manager. Click the View menu and select Show Hidden Products. Now” in the list. Select Non-Plug and Play Devices. computer starts, you will be able to start the WAMP server.

How do I reinstall WampServer?

Back up all YOUR databases in SQL disk format and store the backups in a safe place.
Stop all services.
Delete the Apache service.
Remove this MySQL service.
Stop the WAMP server.
Rename your new \wamp folder to \wamp_old Is (This is a backup. REMEMBER THIS STEP)

How do I fix HTTP Error 404 the requested resource is not found in WampServer?

Click Wampserver and go to Apache -> httpd.conf.
Find list 80 and fix it to list 8080.
Save the .txt file and restart wampserver.

What does Wamp stand for in WAMP server?

WAMP server comes with WAMP control panel for easy management of all country components. WAMP comes with (W)Windows, (A)Apache, (M)MySQL, (P)PHP and some additional modules including phpmyadmin (for the database).

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How do you spell Wamp Wamp?

interjectional slang. (used to mock or poke fun at a significant setback, loss, etc. Me): This year’s unique Valentine’s Day engraving is womp womp. The fans’ collective reaction to the team’s miserable start was a special “Womp Womp”.

Why is MySQL-Wamp server error [ local server 2 of 3 services running ]?

If you’re still having trouble posting this message, the Wamp server error [Local – Server 2 or maybe more services running] might not be a good solution, it’s kind of a piece of work. This leads to problems with login and password. The best way to install xampp is fully described by the latest in the links below