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Where can I find error logs?

in your server’s root folder, called error.log
in public_htmlor similar folder, called error.log
in var/logsor similar, called error.log
additionally, if you have debugging enabled in WordPressand you have it saved to a file, it will be in the wp-contentfolder, and called debug.log

Where do PHP errors log?

When using syslog, almost all PHP errors are redirected directly to the standard syslog file – on Linux, this is mainly /var/log/syslog. The most convenient way is to use your own log file.

Where can I find error logs?

RHEL for Red Hat CentOS // The physical address of the Fedora Linux Apache access log file is /var/log/httpd/error_log.
Debian/Ubuntu Linux Apache access log file – office /var/log/apache2/error.

How do I enable PHP error logging?

Find the php file. ini on the file server.
Find the line containing the error_reporting record type.
Make sure that each semicolon (;) does not precede the entry.
Set the equivalent error_reporting entry to the desired visit level (see below).

Where is PHP FPM error log?

Next, we need to enable error logging and also set the error log file website: php_admin_value[error_log] /var/log/php/fpm-error=. Protocol.

Where does PHP store the error log?

You can find PHP error logs in several places on the server: in the root folder of this server named error.log
in public_html or possibly in a similar folder called error.log
in var/logs it looks like it’s called error.log
Now, if you have debugging enabled in WordPress and clients log it manually, it is also located in the wp-content folder and is called debug.log.

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How to turn on PHP error reporting?

Defining and using the PHP() function error_reporting. The error_reporting() function specifies which errors are being reported. PHP has the most error levels, and using your function sets that level for the current script.
parameter values. Indicates each of our error message levels for the current script.
Technical details. PHP 5.4: E_STRICT is now part of E_ALL.

How to find and read windows error log files?

To view the Windows Setup log files: Determine the Windows setup error code.
Based on the extended part of the error identification code, check the type and location of the log files.
Open the tree file in a text application such as Notepad.
Use the Windows Install Coupon Code Results Program part, look for the results mode in the file, and find our last occurrence of the code.
More details

How to properly print variable to PHP error log?

Copy the PHP binaries “C:\php”.
Right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties” to open the “Computer Properties” dialog box. Go to the Advanced tab and click on Environment Variables.
Make sure the php.ini configuration folder is in the C:\php directory but contains the correct settings.