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How do I start MATLAB after installing Windows 10?

How do I fix error code in MATLAB?

If you are probably not familiar with this issue, right click on each of the codes we have highlighted. The first item of the context menu displays the proposed solution. Select the item to restore the software. When there are multiple instances behind a problem, MATLAB can apply the proposed solution to many instances of that problem.

Is MATLAB Windows 10 compatible?

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R2015a Matlab and later versions are supported on Windows 10. Earlier versions of MATLAB are far from working on Windows 10 and are not guaranteed to be supported.

How do I start MATLAB after installing Windows 10?

Installer shortcut for Windows desktop. Double click the MATLAB icon.
Windows 10 Software – > Launch All Applications > MATLAB Version.
Windows 8 systems – On some splash screens or on a personal computer, click MATLAB Edition.

Why is my MATLAB not opening windows?

One of the most common reasons why MATLAB gets rolled back on startup is that something has messed up the MATLAB preferences submit pages. You must undo these settings in this fix. Use this Windows shortcut %AppData% to directly access the hidden AppData folder of the current carrier.

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Why does MATLAB r2017b fail on startup on Arch Linux?

Matlab R2017b with the latest Arch Linux (e.g. Septem) fails to boot with the familiar “boot error desktop class”. One solution, of course, is to install legacy versions of most of the libraries in the cairo (1.14.10 works) and harfbuzz (1.4.6 works) packages to give you local directory support, and add them all to matlab’s ld_library_path (see also: [ 6] ):

Why can’t I run MATLAB on the system I’m running?

If you receive my error on a system with a licensed MATLAB, make sure you are using MATLAB in the same configuration it was installed on. The MathWorks license is locked for various systems.

How do I start Matlab without the splash screen?

In addition to this, there is a -nosplash option to launch MATLAB, but it just skips the dashboard mode screen (the first window with the full membrane image and that version number). However, it does load depending on the desktop.

How do I start the MATLAB desktop?

FYI, we manage to launch the MATLAB desktop with a new window-only command layout that instead points to the -nodesktop route, Desktop -> Desktop Layout -> Window Only Command; Using -nodesktop on Windows is not really supported.