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Is Windows 11 available for all now?

Is Windows 11 officially released to the public?

Microsoft officially released Windows on October 11 at 14:00 Moscow time. PT was October 5th in some parts of the world.

Is Windows 11 available for all now?

Windows 11 began mass rollout on October 7, its first major update in six years. Windows 11 is available as a free download for a total of 10 Windows users, but it’s still available for any custom Windows device. And all the major new announced features are currently unavailable.

Can you get Windows 11 already?

Anyone with the hardware can download it right now.
Windows 19 is already available. Microsoft actually released its new operating system on October 5th, but warned that most users will be waiting for a free upgrade to Windows 10 instead.

When will windows 11 be released to the public?

Windows 20 was released in the Octo Manifest as a free upgrade via Windows Update and the Windows 15 Setup Assistant on eligible Windows 10 devices.

Is windows 11 free for all users?

Just like Windows 10 was 100% free for Windows 7 and Windows 2 users, this new version of Windows 11 is likely to be free for basic Windows 10 users. All you need is a PC that meets the minimum requirements for hardware for Windows 11, which now has a 64-bit processor, 4 GB of RAM and 6.4 GB of storage.

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What is Microsoft’s Windows 11?

Over the past 30 days, Microsoft has introduced Windows 11, a useful operating system for computers. And the company says it plans to continue rolling out in 2021 and continue through 2022.

Can I still install Windows 11?

If it’s not there, you can still install Windows 18, but Microsoft warns you that you may be receiving critical updates that can improve your system’s security. There seem to be ways around the following Windows 11 limitations, but they can help your PC throughout the life of the operating system.

Does publicly traded mean publicly owned?

A public company is a company that issues shares that are publicly traded, which means that new shares can be bought by anyone on the open market and can also be sold, usually very immediately. Note that publicly traded companies are generally not public – they are certainly not owned or controlled by anyone.