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Why did my computer get a blue screen with a sad face?

The biggest issue with a blue screen is that it’s literally a screen with a blue background and a sad face with not enough information to tell you the problem. You’ll usually (not always) see a message that reads: “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.”

Why did my computer get a blue screen with a sad face?

On Windows 10, you will also see a Blue Screen of Death message after connecting new hardware (such as video cards, USB devices, etc.). When this happens, the specific problem is likely because the computer systems are incompatible, malfunctioning, or the specific system is trying to install the wrong driver.

How do I fix the blue screen error on HP?

Start your computer with Last Known Good Configuration.
Use System Restore.
Return which device is using the previous driver before its last update.

How do I fix a blue screen error on Windows 10?

Uninstall updates, drivers, and incompatible third-party applications. It also states that driver bugs and Windows 10 updates can lead to blue screen related death. Removing these malicious threats will eliminate stop errors and potentially eliminate malware vulnerabilities.

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How to troubleshoot common blue screen error messages?

Click the Show System link. The next time your system crashes, instead of rebooting, you’ll see a screen with a helpful error code and error information. Take note of this realization so you can correct any of our mistakes. 3. Troubleshooting Common blue screen error messages Depending on the operating system version

What is the HP blue screen of Death error?

When the error appeared, HP administrators encountered a Blue Screen of Death error that read: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. This fatal error occurs in kernel mode, the program throws an exception that the error handler cannot catch, for the latest Download Dossiers.

Is there a solution to the blue error on Windows 10?

Luckily, we know that many reliable tech websites offer blue error solutions such as PCWorld, Lifewire, MiniTool, etc. This means that this amazing error is quite common among Windows users.

How to fix BSOD error on HP laptop?

Go to the manufacturer’s website and find compatible drivers for your HP laptop.  Enable antivirus: It is recommended to regularly scan for herpes and fix any virus, malware or infection on your HP mobile phone, as this can be a nasty cause of BSOD and other related errors.