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How to turn off error reporting in Windows 10?

Use the shortcut key. From the keyboard press down the Windows key+R. It should navigate to the Run dialog box.
Into the open space of the dialog box type service.msc.
Move the cursor to Windows Error Reporting Service and right-click it.
Locate Startup types and scroll through the drop down menu list on the right.
Click Disabled which is at the bottom of the list.
Click ‘ OK ‘ or apply to complete the action.
Close the service window to exit. Now the process has been completed.

How do I check for errors in Windows 10?

Open File Explorer using at least one of the following methods:
In the left row, left click on This PC.
In the right beam, right-click on the drive you want to check and select Properties.
Left click on the “Tools” tab.
In the Validation Error section, left-click Confirm.

How do I check for Windows problem reporting?

To get started, click on the main Cortana search box on the taskbar (or press WIN+S) and type “problem reports”. Then select the current “Show all problem reports” entry to open it.
You can now view reports for all issues.

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How do I bring up the error log?

Run the Run package by simultaneously pressing the main Windows key and the R key on the main keyboard;
In a newly launched Windows program, type eventvwr;
Press Enter to execute the command;
And the Event Viewer launch window should appear automatically right away.

How do I turn off error reporting in Windows 10?

Go to Elliptical Policy on your computer.
Typically, in the Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to Specific Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Error Reporting.
In the direct interface panel, under Options, find and double-click the Turn off Windows Error Reporting option.

How to check and clear problem reports in Windows 10?

Automatic help search (default setting)
Automatically search for answers and send additional report data as needed
Whenever you have a problem, call me first before looking for solutions: selecting this option makes it easier to report errors, but prevents Windows from specifically notifying Microsoft of the problem.
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How to turn off error reporting in Windows 10?

Press the Windows key + to open a chat window to run.
In Regedit, navigate to the following setting: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting.
After arriving at the right place.
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How do I fix critical error in Windows 10?

Reboot your computer in safe mode or use a clean boot.
Fix image error system with EaseUS partition management tool.
Update the hard drive driver.
Start your antivirus.