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How do I group apps into folders in Windows 11 Start menu?

Does Windows 11’s Start menu need app groups?

Personally, I love the clean, minimalistic, and user-friendly look and feel of Windows 11’s top menu. But I think we’re more likely to agree that there should be a way to group related apps together. There are many people voting in the feedback center to bring back the main folders (groups) of applications, and I agree that this would be much more effective than nothing.

How do I Group apps on my Desktop Windows 10?

Group Applications into Desktops Group software applications the way you want by simply creating virtual desktops. From the taskbar, select Check Task, New Laptop or Computer, and then open the apps your family needs. To move applications between virtual desktops, select Task View, then drag the desired application from one desktop to another.

What happened to the start menu app grouping?

I agree that bundling apps into the start menu would be really unfortunate because of all the major factors that many have already pointed out. The best custom workaround I’ve found is to add icons to the desktop and assemble them visually (without the group name). Instead of using the Windows key to launch the menu, I use “Windows-D” to bring up the personal computer.

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How to find apps on Start menu in Windows 11?

1. The best way to find your favorite apps on many versions of Windows is to pin users to the Start menu. Well, you can do it in Windows 11 Extreme as well. Just click on All Apps on the far right, scroll down and go to the start menu on the personal identification number app you want.

How do I group apps into folders in Windows 11 Start menu?

Grouping similar apps together in the start menu is very easy and pretty much all you have to do is click and drop. Just drag and drop one app into another app and the pile is ready. Once the apps are built, it’s easy to create a collection folder.

How do I customize the Start menu in Windows 11?

To customize the Windows 11 menu, launch the Settings app (press Windows Tech + I), choose Personalization > Start, and look at the two options. You can add, reorder, remove, or pin apps to the Start menu yourself. You can also create a boot menu from scratch or restore a classic boot menu.

How do I create a group in Windows 10 Start menu?

I dragged everything I wanted into the start section of the start menu. Then, to give your group of tiles a nice name, hover your mouse over that group and you’ll see a “Group Name” popup. Click “Group Name” and a full field will open where you can enter the name you want to give your tile group.

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