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How to clear space on Windows 11?

How do I remove junk files from Windows 11?

Right-click the Trash and select Empty Trash.
Go to Settings > System > Storage to delete temporary files.
Run Disk Cleanup or CCleaner to wipe out even more junk.

How do I make my computer run faster Windows 11?

reload, update.
Disable startup programs/applications.
Unlock Windows 11.
Change your diet.
Defragment your hard drive.
Add More Memory to Windows 11 (RAM/SSD Upgrade)
Disable restartable apps.
Remove unwanted software/malware.

What is taking up space on my computer Windows 11?

Check which computers are taking up disk space in Windows 11
Click on the storage page on the right. Under Local Disk (C:), see that Windows takes up 11 disk space. Click on the “Show more categories” option. See what is taking up space in data files, as well as temporary files, applications, documents, images, and more.

How to reclaim space after upgrading to Windows 11?

How to restore your hard drive after upgrading to Windows 11: Step 1: To restore tax space, open This PC. Now right-click on the drive where you installed Windows 11 and select Properties. Step 2: Now you need to click “Clear File” in the “Properties” window. Step 3: This will open the General Disk Cleanup option.

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How to use cleanup recommendations on Windows 11?

How to clean up your drive using Windows 11 recommendations Open “Windows Cleanup Options” in Windows 11 by pressing the Win+I keyboard shortcut.
Go to System > Storage.
Wait while Windows scans your drive and determines which files and folders are safe to delete.
Then click on the “Cleanup Recommendations” notification, which displays the approximate amount of free space you can recover by cleaning up your system drive.
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How to clear space on Windows 11?

Memory Sense is any type of feature included with the individual Windows 11 operating system. The tool frees up disk space by deleting temporary files that your system can easily do without. You can set Storage Sense to kick in when your hard drive fills up, or your business can anticipate the inevitable and stay on schedule.

How to open classic Disk Cleanup in Windows 11?

To open a specific Windows search, press Win + S.Disk
Type cleanup and select an application from the search results in an unbiased manner.
Select the player you want to watch, start the player in normal mode and OK.
Click Clean Johnson System Files.
Select the drive again and click OK.
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