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How to fix Tozo driver not working on Windows?

Do TOZO earbuds work with PC?

You can connect your TOZO T10, TOZO T6, TOZO Earbuds t12 to your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer by following these steps: Step 1. Use Windows Important + I to open the Settings app.

How do I connect my T12 earbuds to my computer?

Take out the 2 earbuds from the charging case, they will click and automatically connect within 10 seconds.
The pair of headphones will flash red and gray alternately (pairing mode).
Find the pairing name [TOZO-T12] and select it on your phone.

Why are my Bluetooth headphones not working on Windows 11?

To fix Bluetooth audio issues in Windows 13, run the Bluetooth, Audio, Hardware, and Devices troubleshooters. Then separate updating unnecessary devices and updating the operating system, drivers, and applications to the latest version available. If the problem persists, go to advanced settings and turn off telephony speakerphone.

Will Tozo T12 work on Windows 10?

PLEASE FIX THIS MICROSOFT October 27, 2021 8:46 am – corrected ‎26. October 08:48 2021 Twenty Six October 2021 08:46 – corrected ‎26. Oct 08:48 2021 Same disease but with Tozo T12, worked well on Windows 10 and still on tablet and phone.

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What to do if the Tozo T10 doesn’t work?

If this doesn’t work often, try replacing your headphones with the most comfortable size. So more, tozo T10 is not used. Never disassemble the product, but reassemble it to avoid malfunction or simply a fire hazard. Keep away from corrosive liquids to avoid damaging the product.

How to fix Tozo driver not working on Windows?

Then right-click on your TOZO driver and select Update Member. If the problem persists, your new drivers. By following the steps above, you are unfortunately clicking “Remove device” instead of being directed to select an update driver.

How do I charge my Tozo T12?

Also, the case can only be charged via USB-C or wirelessly. Tozo T12 provides 5 hours of continuous playback at high volume, so it takes about 35 times of talk time to charge the earbuds. The case can charge the earbuds up to 3 times before they need to be recharged themselves.