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How do I fix error 0xc00d5212?

A corrupt codec that restricts the deployed media player to play the video file.
Old display adapters that result in the video playback error.
An incompatible file format that isn’t supported in the media player.
Corrupt entries in Windows 10 system files that result in their misconfiguration.
Incorrect installation, uninstallation, or settings of an app that hamper its workings.

How do I fix error code 0xc00d5212?

Install Codec: None
Update your display driver.
Uninstall and install the driver to demonstrate again.
Uninstall the audio driver.
Update your Windows operating system. AVI
Play video from VLC.
Correction of system records.

How do you fix this item was encoded in a format that’s not supported?

Convert AVI video to alternative structure.
Install the K-Lite codec. That
Update the exposure adapter driver.
Repair the damaged video file. That
Play video from VLC.

How do I fix missing codec movies and TV?

Method Try 1: Use VLC Media Player.
Method 2: Update your display drivers
Method 3: Install compatible codecs.
Fourth method: Remove multiple audio codecs.
Method 5: Convert video format.
Method 6: Review the entries.
Method 6: Check for Windows updates.
Method 8: Use System Restore.

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How to fix missing codec 0xc00d5212?

Error Prevention Tips Use 0xc00d5212make antivirus software to protect your drive, including damage.
Avoid converting videos to multiple video formats (such as AVI, MOV, MKV) with online conversion tools as this exposes your videos to data corruption, which can result in codec error 0xc00d5212.
Make sure you don’t play the Ultimate AVI file on media players that don’t support them.
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How to fix error 0xc00d5212 when playing AVI files?

The following are individual precautions you can take to minimize the error: Always 0xc00d5212 Get rid of the virus with an effective antivirus tool.
Although it is sometimes necessary to convert videos to certain formats, it is not recommended to make it a habit.
Please make sure that AVI format information cannot be played on unsupported media players.
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How to fix 0x8009002d Windows 10 error?

How to fix error 0x8009002d when logging in with a PIN or password Restart your p. c) A simple restart is one of the most effective solutions to a particular problem.
Disable Sleep and Ultimate Reset PIN. Sleep mode allows your favorite system to use as much power as before without shutting down and shutting down your computer.
Delete the NGC folder.
Remove any pin code.

How to fix the error code 0xc00d5212 when playing video?

You may be able to follow the steps to update display drivers from someone to try and you will see the problem: first press the Windows key + R and the msc method and then press Enter to open Device Manager.
In the Device Manager window, locate the video card device and display the driver icon.
Right-click on the trucker icon and select “Update Rider Software”.
Then select My Computer Driver Software Finder.
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How do I fix error code 0xc00d5212?

Perform the following troubleshooting methods in the market to resolve the causes of the error: Open the video file in another media system player. Install the missing codec. Update your video card. Remove various audio codecs. Convert the damaged video report to another video format. Correct register. Perform a policy restore.

How do I fix error 0xc00d5212?

What are the possible ways to fix error 0xc00d5212? Open all videos in a different TV player file. Install the missing codec. Perform network recovery. Update your Windows operating system.