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Why does Windows 11 force me to use edge instead of chrome?

Why does Windows 11 force me to use edge instead of chrome?

Why does Windows 11 force me to use edge instead of chrome?

They are installed in Edge by default and you will need to install them separately on another phone if you want to use a specific program like Chrome or Firefox. But it’s definitely not the worst. If you are using any of the Microsoft widgets in Windows 11, such as the Weather app, you will be constantly prompted to use Edge by simply opening a link that opens the mobile phone.

Can I use Microsoft Edge in Windows 11?

You can use any Windows browser, but Edge still does its thing when you click the last link from the manager. For example, search the web using Windows 11 and when your business clicks on a result, Edge opens it. This is true when you click on a story in the widget bar.

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Is Microsoft trying to force you to use Edge browser?

Microsoft is trying to force users to use its Edge browser by making it ideal for email links by default. While slow to get users to abandon the market-leading Chrome, or even their old, defunct Internet Explorer, Microsoft tried to get it to tackle the people problem.

How to install edge on Windows 11 using PowerShell?

Open PowerShell in an administrator method on a Windows 11 PC. To do this, search for “Powershell” in the Windows search bar and select “Run as administrator”. In the PowerShell window, type copy+paste and press Enter: get-appxpackage *edge*.

Is Windows 11 the same as Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a great browser that comes preinstalled as Microsoft’s default web browser in Windows 11h. Chromium has come a long way since moving to Edge, and the latest updates have made it even better.

How do I not use Edge on Windows 11?

On your keyboard, press the Windows key and I at the right time to open Windows 11 Settings. Select Apps in the left pane, then go to Crime Apps > Microsoft Edge. For the following types of archives or types of link clicks, really select your action’s browser in the overlay window.

Will Chrome work on Windows 11?

What you should know. Windows 11 comes with Edge, which can use the same technology as Chrome. If you need Chrome, use Edge to go to the Google Chrome page, download Chrome, and click Download Chrome. Set Chrome as your default browser: Settings > Apps > Default Large Apps > Find Chrome and change the file type in the menu to use Chrome.

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