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How do I fix JavaScript main error?

Solution #1: Delete Discord Folders in %AppData% and %LocalAppData%.
Solution #2: Whitelist Discord Installation Files In Antivirus Software.
Solution #3: Change the Startup Type of the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service.
Solution #4: Run Discord without Administrator Privileges.
Solution #5: Uninstall & Reinstall Discord.

How do I fix JavaScript error on Discord?

Method 1: Reinstall Discord.
Method 2: disable antivirus.
Method 3: Delete Discord app data.
Method 4: Check the anti-virus blocking and scanning system.5:
Remedy Run Discord as an administrator.
Method 6: using the command line.

How do I fix JavaScript errors in Windows 10?

Open Control Panel > Uninstall a program.
Find Microsoft Visual C++ (64-bit) and click Edit (if you’re using Teams 64-bit, you may need x86).
Click Restore.
Sign in to your admin experience to complete the repair.

How do I fix Discord error on Windows 10?

Stop the Discord process. Quickly use the following keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+Delete And select Task Manager.
Delete the previous Discord app.
Delete any remaining files in your application.
Run the installation as an administrator.
Uninstall Windows Update.

How do I fix JavaScript main error?

Automatically start Windows Quality Audio-Video Service Experience. Use the keyboard in the following faster way: Windows + R .
Run the current program without administrator rights. Your
Delete the program folders from the %AppData folder.
Reinstall the entire program.

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How to fix discord error?

Solution 1 – Restart Discord The first handle in this list indicates that you want to completely restart Discord. Reopen the entire Discord app and try logging in again once everything is done. Solution 2 – Restart your computer/laptop You should also reload your configuration and router before trying other important solutions on this research page.

How to fix the annoying discord JavaScript error on PC?

Troubleshooting Fatal Discord JavaScript Error on Windows 10First Solution: Delete Temporary Files and Instance Data. The Discord application temporarily stores important information and is used to perform its task more efficiently.
Second solution: exclude security tools.
Third solution: Fresh reinstall.

How to fix Discord ‘messages failed to load’ error?

How To Fix: Discord messages can’t be downloaded Discord restart error. If you are using the Discord desktop app, completely closing the program might be enough to fix this issue.
Check for updates. Discord is determined to update their app a lot.
Test other platforms. As Discord will be available on mobile and PC, customers can upgrade to a different version of the program to see if it works as expected.