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What does this curl error mean?

I get an error 60 from Curl, who means is an SSL cert error. Most answer say’s the solution to this problem is: deactivate ssl or download a new cert. curl: (60) SSL certificate : unable to get local issuer certificate

How to fix error 60 from curl?

The important part of each error is this: I only get a 60 error from curl, which the person says is an SSL certificate error. Most of the answers indicate that the problem is with the software: disable SSL, possibly upload a new certificate.

What does this curl error mean?

This error literally means that curl cannot verify the destination URI of the certificate. If you trust the issuer, including the certificate (CA), you can add it to the list of trusted certificates.

How do I fix curl not working on Ubuntu 16?

If you have this “curl” (or similar) problem on an Ubuntu 16 system, here’s the easiest way to fix it:

Why curl error 60 SSL certificate occurs in Laravel?

Buyers may also encounter Curl 60 SSL marriage certificate issues on Windows, Guzzle In Laravel SSL certificate issues. Why doesn’t the Snuggle 60 SSL certificate work? Your API call is trying to make a request URL using only the http:// protocol. You don’t see the error because guaranteed API calls require an SSL document or https:// protocol.

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How do I fix cURL Error 60?

Keep the cacert. Move the pem file anywhere on your system. Example: Since you are modifying this php.
Open the php.ini directory. If you don’t have a curl.cainfo line in your php.INI file, just add the following to the end of your registry, and then add the path to the file where your family saved the cacert.pem file:
Restart your personal server.

What is cURL 60?

Sometimes when we receive a call to third party services for special cases, we get an error message: (60) SSL certificate: Failed to get local issuer certificate. The error occurs because the curl check also makes a secure connection request with a self-signed certificate.

What is cURL error?

snuggle errors are often caused by an outdated version of PHP or snuggle. cURL errors are a good example of server-related errors. These dilemmas are not caused by a very simple SSL Or Live Journal, but by the actual server configuration. These errors usually never cause problems at the top of your site.

How install Cacert PEM in PHP INI?

Edit the file /etc/ssl/certs/cacert. pem and file, put your new CA public key so you are at the bottom.
edit php. ini and add the line openssl. cafile=/etc/ssl/certs/cacert.Pem above (or below).
Usually restart the web server.

Which is better curl to requests or curl to curl?

Many cURL functions need support (it’s a very complex piece of software), but curl_to_requests is way better than any other cURL utility I’ve found. Download the file for your platform. If you’re not sure which one to choose, read more about installing packages.

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