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How to reinstall Bluetooth driver in Windows 10?

Right-click the Windows icon on the Windows taskbar.
Choose the Device Manager option from the menu.
Expand the Bluetooth
Right-click the listed Bluetooth device and then choose the Update driver
Choose the Search automatically for update driver software option and then follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I Fix my Bluetooth problem?

Open settings.
Click Devices.
Click Bluetooth.
Select a device. If the device has been used, it will say “Connected”, otherwise the status will be set to “Paired”. That
Click the Uninstall Software button. Delete Bluetooth settings, device
Click Yes to confirm the task.

How to fix Bluetooth connection problems on Windows 10?

Windows 10 inevitably has built-in troubleshooters that scan the huge PC for certain issues and then fix those issues. .To .start .Bluetooth troubleshooting, .open .Start menu, .then .select .Settings .> .Update .and .Security .> .Troubleshooting .> .Bluetooth . -Add location. Open the Windows 10 Start Menu, select Settings > Devices.

How to reinstall Bluetooth driver in Windows 10?

You can download Bit Driver Updater for free with the best free download button below.
Then, to install it on your system, you need to follow the instructions on the screen.
When it starts up on your system, it starts integrating your outdated/corrupted/corrupted drivers for the PC itself.
Finally, click the Update Now button.

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How to fix Bluetooth radio?

Download the Bit Driver Updater and run it when you get close to yours.
You need to wait for your software to complete the search process.
After that, it lists the drivers that need to be updated very well.
Or you can fully click the Update All option to update all outdated drivers with a single click.

How do I fix my Bluetooth radio status Windows 10?

Enable Bluetooth in the system tray.
Restart your computer.
Update Bluetooth drivers.
Uninstall and reinstall Bluetooth drivers.
Delete phantom USB entries in Device Manager and restart your computer.
Disable in addition to re-enabling the Bluetooth device in the Manager Reader.

How do I fix driver error on Bluetooth adapter?

Click the “Start” button.
Click Settings.
Go to the Update & Security section.
In the Find and fix problems category, select Bluetooth.
Select Run the troubleshooter and follow these instructions.

How do I fix my generic Bluetooth radio driver?

Update Option 1: Manually update your Bluetooth driver to fix the stock Bluetooth radio. In order to manually update the Bluetooth driver, you need to go to the manufacturer’s official website, find the drivers that match your taste of the Windows version (for example, 34-bit Windows), and download the truck driver manually.