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How do I fix another instance is running Windows 10?

Remove Ad-Aware Web Companion. Well, if you are getting the ‘Another instance is running’ error message every time
Find and Close The Process From Task Manager. Well, if you are getting the ‘Another instance is running’ error
Restart Your Computer. If you are getting the ‘Another instance is running’ error message even after closing the
Reinstall The Problematic Software. Well, we are pretty sure that stopping the problematic process from

How do you fix another instance of this installer is already running?

Restart the Windows Installer service.
Complete the Windows setup process.
Disable the installation wizard and restart your computer.
Run Disk Cleanup.
Perform a clean boot.
Check your registry.
Uninstall and reinstall Office.

How do I fix Windows Setup Cannot be launched?

Fix-1 Manually run msoobe.exe-
Fix-2 Change SATA Settings-
Fix-3 Manually install a generic problematic driver-
Fix-1 Run Windows Update Troubleshooter-
Fix-2 Download the MCT feature update along with

How do I open another instance of a program?

First open the software you want to run multiple times. Then, while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, click or tap on the country icon with the cursor on the taskbar. One click or tap will launch a new instance, two clicks or perhaps taps will open two, and so on.

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How do I check Windows 7 installation progress?

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc+ to launch Task Manager.
In Task Manager, navigate to Processes.
Find and click as many real processes as you can find in this list of running background processes one by one to make sure you have them selected and click End Task:

How do I fix another instance is running Windows 10?

Fix – “Other usually works” Windows 10 instance. The specific solution is to uninstall Ad-Aware Web Companion. According to this, users find that this happens every time they start Windows 10 and it seems that Ad-Aware is the culprit. While Web Companion is a solid anti-spyware tool, it integrates like many other security tools.

What is another instance is running error appears when I try to run a specific application on my PC?

For example, if possible, an error will be displayed to other users if they try to close a certain application. Many users reported to us that the error occurs when they try to run a certain game on their PC. If you have this particular error with a game or application, we recommend that you completely reinstall the concept.

What is’another instance is running’error?

So what is the “Other instance dashing” error and why would it persist? Well, another example of running any type of software means that the contractor already exists in the report. So users have to kill the running process to start fixing the issues with the error message.

What to do if another instance is running?

Some software is running in the background, resulting in the “Another moment is running” error message. So be sure to open Task Manager and then close the process associated with the running software.

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