Does AirPort Extreme work with Windows?

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    How do I fix error 10057?

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    What is a Socket Error 10057?

    A request to send a receive or critical information was denied because the socket was normally not connected and (when sending a datagram from a socket with sendto) required an address. Any other type of operation can also return this single error, such as setting setsockopt to SO_KEEPALIVE when a connection is dropped.

    Does AirPort Extreme work with Windows?

    Computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and moreover, Windows 7 can access the entire network without even connecting with a cable. Airport Extreme. All compatible PC systems on the network, both wireless and wired, can access the decoder.

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  • How do I configure AirPort Extreme with Windows?

    Launch AirPort Utility from the Windows Start menu, check the connection to add a new router, then click [Continue]. Click [OK] to change the wireless network. Create an administrator account for the new Apple AirPort Extreme router here, after entering [Name], [Password], then [Confirm Password], click [Next].

    How do I fix socket Error 10057?

    An application sending or receiving data was considered illegal because the socket was actually connected and (when sending the last datagram with the sendto socket) no mailing address was specified. Any other type associated with the operation can also return this indication error—for example, if setsockopt sets SO_KEEPALIVE, the provided connection has been dropped.

    Why do I get intermittent socket error 10057?

    However, the client has an issue where the connection sometimes drops, but the client does not perform the expected action. Upon investigation, this is believed to be an intermittent situation caused by a client socket on the server, which sometimes results in a 10057 (WSAENOTCONN / “Socket less than connected”) error when the connection is lost.

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    Why does WSAGetLastError always return error 10057 in server?

    I’m trying to automate a server request to the current client on login, but I remember getting WSAGetLastError 10057 over and over again. I set up requests from a potential client to the server without any problems, so I don’t understand why not the other way around? Perhaps the actual server should wait for the client to send the principal. I just don’t understand why this could be so?

    How do I extend AirPort extreme with another airport extreme?

    Wi-Fi base stations: Extend the overall range of your wireless network by installing additional Wi-Fi base stations. You may be able to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network using the AirPort utility, which can establish wireless connections between different Wi-Fi base stations or add them over Ethernet to create any type of mobile network.

    Can I use an old Apple AirPort Extreme as a WiFi extender using another Apple Airport Extreme?

    You can only use your AirPort Extreme to extend the wireless network provided through another Apple router if your personal goal is to use the wireless connection between them.

    How do I connect my AirPort Extreme to my Airport Extreme?

    Connect one of the extended base tubes to the WAN port (dotted circle) on the service station with an Ethernet cable between one of the available LAN slots (opposite arrows) on the main cable. Then turn on the docking station. On a Mac, click the Wi-Fi icon in the macOS taskbar.

    How do I add AirPort Express to my Airport Extreme?

    Click Manual Setup, then Airport, then Wireless. Expand, select your wireless network from the Wireless menu. Select the network name and password you created, if they were created by your company. Click “Update”. Customize devices as needed to maximize your network design power wherever you use it.

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